Best Ideas for Creating Great Marching Band Shows

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Best Ideas for Creating Great Marching Band Shows

The key to building great marching band shows is music selection, but there are a couple of other very important things that can make the entire show a great success. There are certain ideas you can use to make the most lasting impression on your audience. Here are some ideas that will leave people whistling or humming to your music after the show.


Writing the drill is one of the things that must be taken very seriously when planning to give a memorable marching band show. Drills make the shows great only if they are able to successfully coordinate all their different aspects with the music. The guard needs to be integrated within the drill and impact points are not optional, but a must. For percussion, consider pit to battery or battery to pit and include some audience response moments in the show. The difficulty level of the drills should be considered as this can have a great impact on the overall performance. While some drill moves might look simple, they could be challenging to perform. Difficult drill will often make the music suffer, but also less difficult music can make the drill suffer as well.

Capturing human emotions

Great shows are always able to capture human emotions in various ways. They can evoke happiness, surprise, sadness, excitement, fear, silence, tender feelings, laughter, intensity, suspense, etc. Ensure that your show has that ‘ah’ moment where everyone is left wondering exactly how you managed to do that. This is what can separate your show from the rest.

The details of the show

The details of a show play a great role in separating good shows from great marching band music. Of course, you don’t just want your show to be good, but you want it to be great in each and every aspect. One important detail is that uniforms and the way band members wear them, ranging from socks to hats to shoes, can mean a lot in the performance. The equipment you are using needs to not only be clean but also highly polished as well. Your body posture, body movements, instrument carriage, hand positions on visuals and instruments, hair, make-up, jewelry, sunglasses and nail polish, among others are small details that can really have an impact on your show. For you to give the best marching shows, you will need to come up with your own in-house rules about all these.

Marching fundamentals

Marching is perhaps the main and most important ingredient of these kinds of shows and should be done correctly and in the best way possible. You will need to practice marching fundamentals a lot. Work more in playing long tones, scales, slurring exercises and tonguing for music, but don’t neglect marching fundamentals. It is a must that you have been marching fundamental sections. Whatever the moves you have in the show, it is crucial that you incorporate marching rehearsals of skills like mark time, glide step, back march, adjusted step, dance steps, sideline box, body moves, center box, visuals, etc. Combining all these ideas will help you put on one of the best marching band shows possible.

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